Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection of the skin through small or invisible cuts and abrasions. Warts typically need a moist environment to survive and can be picked up in places like showers, locker rooms, water parks and swimming pools.

Warts occur more commonly in children and teenagers than adults. Some people seem to have an immunity. 

Warts have the appearance of thick and scaly skin with small red or black dots present within the lesion. They can occur as small, single warts or can cluster into large areas called mosaic warts.

What we can do to help you solve this problem

Since over the counter treatments are not typically effective and warts can spread very quickly, we would recommend that we see you for treatment of this condition.

One method we find to be particularly effective is a topical medication called Cantharone.  This is a medication that when applied to wart tissue, will cause a blistering effect and a separation of the wart from the underlying skin. The medication is painless to apply which makes it an ideal treatment for children. We also can prescribe various topical medications that we find to be effective.  These medications will not have a dramatic blistering effect like Cantharone, but can effectively destroy wart tissue gradually and painlessly over time. 

Another alternative is surgical removal of the wart tissue. This can be very effective but it does require the area to be numbed with an anesthetic for treatment. Surgical removal of wart tissue does leave behind an area of skin that needs to heal, but healing is usually uneventful.

At Council Bluffs Foot & Ankle Care, our physicians are experts in the treatment of plantar warts. We will take time to discuss the available treatment alternatives and will work to resolve the condition quickly and effectively.  Call today to request an appointment.  

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